See installation tips below. If you have any questions, please call us at 513-871-8907.

A few installation tips: 

Door Sweeps: Open your door and grab the end of your old door sweep with needle nose pliers and pull it out.  If you have trouble sliding the new door sweep in, try a little liquid soap to make it slide in easier.

Weatherstripping: Pull out your old weatherstrip and discard.  You have three new pieces – two magnetic and one compression.  Start with one of the long pieces (magnetic for your lock jamb, compression for your hinge jamb) and push the flange into the kerf (cut) in the jamb down at the sill.  Since weatherstrip shrinks a little over time, push the weatherstrip down tight against the sill, as this is the point we don’t want to ever leak.  Use a wood block or other smooth hard object to seat the weatherstrip as you work your way up the jamb.  Use a utility knife to cut the excess at the top.  Repeat the procedure for the other vertical jamb, then install the short weatherstrip piece into the head jamb, cutting the excess with a utility knife.  Now go outside the door, armed with a putty knife.  Close the door and check to be sure the weatherstrip is making good contact all around.  Where it is not, use the putty knife to move the weatherstrip out from the jamb a little to get good contact with the door.  You are finished!

Door Glass: