Step 1:

Measure Frame Width & Height

Outside corner to outside corner of the plastic frame

Step 2:

Confirm Door Thickness

Kits fit standard 1.75" thick doors. For 1.375" thick doors, see interior door glass

Step 3:

Measure Glass Thickness

Only needed if you are purchasing door glass frames without glass. Unscrew a corner of your frame to check glass thickness


My door is slightly thicker/thinner - will the kit fit?

Our standard Glass & Frame Kits fit doors that are within 1/8" of 1 3/4" thickness. Our interior door glass kits are designed for doors that are 1 3/8" thick and again have a tolerance of about 1/8". If you have a door that is thicker or thinner you can try using caulking tape or strip to build up either between the frame and the door or between the frame and the glass. 

Do I need to measure my glass thickness?

Only if you are purchase the door glass frames by themselves (without glass).

Measure the exact overall thickness of your insulated glass insert (the full "sandwich" of both pieces of glass and the gap of insulating air in between).  You will need to unscrew enough of the interior frame to squeeze a tape measure in between the frames to determine the glass "sandwich" thickness. Usually a measurement can be taken after unscrewing around a corner of the inside frame -- not the entire frame. The glass "sandwich" will measure either 1/2", 3/4" or a full 1".  If your glass is 3/4", you will have to replace the glass and the frame assembly, since frames for 3/4" glass thickness are discontinued. However, the vast majority of glass is either 1/2" or 1" thick. Most of the time (but not always!) double pane clear or etched glass is 1/2" thick. Decorative "triple glazed" or glass with two clear pieces sandwiching a decorative third piece of glass (often with metal caming inlaid), is typically 1" thick. It can be hard to judge the thickness of your glass without measuring, so we strongly recommend removing screws from one of the top corners of your existing frame and using a small ruler to measure the glass thickness.

More on measuring frame width & height

Measure the outside length and width of your existing frames (see picture above). Measure along the face of the door from the outside corner to outside corner of the frame (width and height, not diagonally). Frames that measure up to ½” shorter or narrower will work fine (the profile of door glass frames has changed slightly over the years but the actual glass sizes have remained consistent). However, if the existing frame measures more than ¼” larger than the replacement frame the replacement likely will not fit. We also recommend measuring the glass directly and confirming exact measurement for oval frames, as oval frame profiles have varied significantly over the years. Contact Us if you have any questions measuring -- we are happy to help!

Do you have frames for 3/4" thick glass?

If your glass is 3/4", you will have to replace the glass and the frame assembly, since frames for 3/4" glass thickness are discontinued.

I have a Pease, Stanley, Thermatru, etc. door -- will it fit?

Kits replace the original frames on many door brands including Pease, Stanley, Taylor, Mastercraft, Perma Door, Castlegate, Masonite, Therma Tru, Jeld-Wen, Plastpro, and many others.

I can't find frames that match the shape or size that I have - what should I do?

Please contact us-- you may have a narrow or abnormal size (best to take a picture of your door and email or text it to us along with the outside measurements of your frame). We can often track down abnormal sizes or find a suitable replacement option for you.