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Call +1 (513) 871-8907 to speak with a door expert | We Are Open & Shipping!

Measuring Door Glass

How to measure your door glass to select the correct size for your door

First we recommend to check your door thickness. Most doors measure 1 3/4" in thickness. Our Glass & Frame Kits fit doors that are within 1/16" of 1 3/4" thickness.

Glass Size vs. Cut-out size vs. Outside Frame Size - what's the difference?

Each door has three measurements. The first is the size of the glass, for example 22" wide by 36" tall. The next measurement is called the cut-out or "opening" in the door where the door glass is inserted. This measurement is 1" larger in width and height than the glass, so in this case the cut-out would measure 23" wide by 37" tall. If you are adding glass to a door that does not currently have glass, or if you are expanding the opening in a door to allow for a larger size glass, the cut-out is a key measurement. Finally, the outside frame measurement (see below) is an inch or so wider than the cut out, and since the frame is visible it is the easiest measurement to do. Remember, your actual glass size will be about 2" narrower and shorter than your frame measurement.  

1. Outside Frame Measurement (actual glass size will be 2" narrower & shorter than outside frame measurement)

How to Measure Door Glass Width and Height for Replacement Frames

Measure the outside length and width of your existing frames (see picture above). Measure along the face of the door from the outside corner to outside corner of the frame (width and height, not diagonally). 

2. Glass Thickness Measurement (for replacement frame kits, not necessary if you are purchasing a kit that includes the glass)

How to Measure Door Glass Thickness for Replacement Frames

Measure the exact overall thickness of your insulated glass insert (the full "sandwich" of both pieces of glass and the gap of insulating air in between).  You will need to unscrew enough of the interior frame to squeeze a tape measure in between the frames to determine the glass "sandwich" thickness. Usually a measurement can be taken after unscrewing around a corner of the inside frame -- not the entire frame. The glass "sandwich" will measure either 1/2", 3/4" or a full 1".  If your glass is 3/4", you will have to replace the glass and the frame assembly, since frames for 3/4" glass thickness are discontinued. However, the vast majority of glass is either 1/2" or 1" thick.