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Thresholds (or sills) sit underneath your door, direct water away from your home, and work together with a door sweep to seal the bottom of your entryway against pests and drafts.

We offer premium thresholds to replace/upgrade the original on many door brands including Pease, Stanley, Taylor, Mastercraft, Perma Door, Castlegate, Masonite, Therma Tru, Jeld-Wen, Plastpro, and many others.

To keep your door looking its best and tightly sealed, we recommend replacing a threshold every 10-20 years depending on use and weather conditions. It is especially important to replace a threshold if water has gotten around or under it, which can begin to seep into the door jambs.

We offer standard 6" depth thresholds and extended 8" thresholds. All thresholds are made of high quality wood/composite and high grade aluminum. Thresholds are 1 1/8" tall and adjustable to seal tightly against your sweep. 


Premium Thresholds

How to Measure

1. Check Swing: Determine whether your door is INSWING (door swings into your home) or OUTSWING (door swings to the outside of your home).

2. Measure Width: Most doors are 32", 36", 42" or 72" in width. If you have a 42" threshold, just purchase a 72" and cut to size.

3. Measure Depth: Measure the depth of your threshold. Most thresholds are about 6" or 8" in depth. Measure the whole depth, including the strip under the door.

4. Check Height: Thresholds for exterior doors are typically 1 1/8" to 1 3/8". Most of our thresholds are adjustable within this range, but it never hurts to double check! An adjustable door sweep can also help close larger gaps between the door and the top of the threshold.