Engineered to meet Florida and other coastal area requirements for structural, water and air infiltration tests

Never worry about your door in a storm

- Protects your property and without the need for hurricane shutters

- Designed for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), for example some parts of Florida including Miami/Dade, Broward Counties and Coastal Palm Beach County

- Design Pressure (DP) rating of +/- 60, meaning it can withstand high positive and negative pressure winds even after repeated impacts

- Extra thick 1.2" impact glass unit with ASTM C11172 rated laminated annealed (polyvinyl butyral interlayer) exterior pane & tempered safety glass interior pane

- Door glass and frame system meets high velocity hurricane zone codes #FL30712 and #FL15419 (

- 20-year warranty on frame and glass


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