Question  1:

Are weatherstripping and door sweeps available in white?

Answer: We sell only the dark brown color weatherstripping and door sweeps.  Dark brown has always been the best-selling color.  Compared to white or beige, it does not look dingy over time and just disappears to the eye. 


Question  2:

How do I measure my glass thickness?

Answer: You need to measure the exact overall thickness of your insulated glass insert (the full       "sandwich" of both pieces of glass and the gap of insulating air in between): 

  • You will need to unscrew enough of the interior frame to squeeze a tape measure in between the frames to determine the glass "sandwich" thickness. To remove enough of the inside frame to measure, you may need to pop out or drill out the screw caps.
  • Usually a measurement can be taken after unscrewing around a corner of the inside frame -- not the entire frame. The glass "sandwich" will measure either1/2", 3/4" or a full 1". 
  • If your glass is 3/4", you will have to replace the glass and frame assembly, since frames for 3/4" glass thickness are discontinued. However, the vast majority of glass is either 1/2" or 1" thick.


Question  3:

For new frames/rims around my glass, do I measure the glass or the outside frame?

Answer: You should measure to the outside edges of the frame for length and width.


Question  4:

What is the molding around my glass called?

Answer: The molding or trim surrounding your door glass and sidelite glass is called a door glass frame set or rim set.  On this website, we refer to this molding as your door glass frame set or door glass frames.


Question  5:

Can I paint the white frames? If so, what kind of primer and paint do I use to paint the white frames in my kit?

Answer: Your new white frames come ready to install without needing to paint them- if you like the white.  If you DO want to paint them, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Lightly sand the frames
  • Clean them of debris with denatured alcohol
  • Let them dry
  • With the frames at room temperature, apply a good specialty adhesion promoter as a primer: The primer should be one made for adhering  exterior grade acrylic latex paint to the polypropylene material of the frames.  Some primers known to work with your frames include:
    1. Sherwin-Williams UPO 7226 Automotive Finishes Adhesion Promoter – clear plastic adhesion promoter
    2. PPG SXA 1050 plastic adhesion promoter
    3. BASF R-M AM865 plastic adhesion promoter
  • Let the primer dry well
  • Apply an exterior grade acrylic latex paint

When you apply the primer and paint, you should follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions, warnings and cautions even if they differ from the above.

Unlike the white frames which need the promoter as a primer, if you purchased the tan “stainable” frames, you can paint or stain them without using a primer or adhesion promoter as described below in Question 6.


Question 6:

Can I paint the tan “stainable” frames?

Answer: The tan frames can be painted or stained without the use of a primer or adhesion promoter. To paint your tan frames, follow these steps:

  • Clean them of debris with denatured alcohol
  • Let them dry completely
  • With the frames at room temperature, apply an exterior water-based paint in thin coats allowing the paint to dry completely between coats. You should follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions, warnings and cautions even if they differ from the above instructions.
  • Apply a clear topcoat to protect the finish.


Question 7:

How do I stain my new tan “stainable” frames?


To stain your tan frames, we recommend a two-step staining method that includes a  first step of applying a base coat of  opaque paint, followed  a second  step of  applying the stain:

  • Clean them of debris with denatured alcohol
  • Let them dry completely
  • With the frames at room temperature before applying the paint, apply an opaque base coat of an exterior water-based paint to the frame in a thin coat, allowing the paint to dry. You should follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions, warnings and cautions even if they differ from the above.
  • Apply the stain, work it into the grain with a sponge or cloth, and then wipe off the excess stain. You should follow your stain manufacturer’s instructions if they differ.
  • When you are satisfied with the appearance of the stained frames, you can let them dry and then apply a clear topcoat to protect the finish.


Question 8:

For my lockset, do I need to pre-drill my door for the 4 faceplate screws?

Answer: Yes, it is recommended that you pre-drill your door for the faceplate screws.


Question 9:

What is the warranty on the glass seal?

Answer: The warranty on the glass seal is 20 years.


Question 10:

What frames should I use behind a storm door? 

Answer: You should use HIGH HEAT TOLERANT Frames which are different from our standard “high performance” frames. If you have a storm door, please call us to order your HIGH HEAT TOLERANT frames (unfortunately, these high heat tolerant frames are not available for all sizes, in which case we would recommend you remove your storm door or replace the glass with a screen). The warranty for the standard “high performance” white frames and standard “high performance” tan stainable frames is voided if they are installed behind a storm door. The frames sold in most of our glass kits and frame kits   are standard high performance and do perform well in most applications. However, the standard high performance frames will eventually warp and crack behind a storm door, especially behind a non-ventilated storm door, which is why you need the HIGH HEAT TOLERANT  frames for installation behind storm doors.


Question 11:

Do you have stainable frames?

Answer: Yes, they are available for virtually all of our door glass and frame kits, please call us to order. 


Question 12:

Do you have Low E glass?

Answer: Yes, most of our door glass kits and frame kits are available with Low E glass.  Please call us to order.


Question 13:

My frames around my glass do not look like any size you carry.  Do you have any other sizes of  door glass  kits and frame kits? 

Answer: Yes, we have several other styles and sizes of door glass and frame kits.  Please contact us and, if possible, email us a photo of your existing glass and frame.


Question 14:

What do I do if my order arrives damaged, not what I ordered, not everything included, or did not receive it at all? 

Answer: Email us and we will try to quickly resolve.  If damaged, please email a photo of damage and, upon receipt of photo showing damage, we typically re-ship immediately.  If not what you ordered, you are missing item(s) or you did not receive your order at all, please email us at or call us at 1-513-871-8907.  We will try to resolve quickly.