Door Glass Kits

Transform your entryway with new door glass. Our curated selection of premium door glass inserts and frame kits can help you replace broken or clouded glass, upgrade from clear to decorative glass, or increase the privacy of your door. 

Kits are easy to install yourself and replacing your glass insert is by far the most economical way to improve the look and value of your home. 


How do the glass kits fit into the door?

Glass is sandwiched between a plastic or wood frame that screws together and clamps into the cutout in your door.

What door brands do these kits fit?

Our kits replace (or upgrade) the original glass and frame on many door brands including Pease, Stanley, Taylor, Mastercraft, Perma Door, Castlegate, Masonite, Therma Tru, Jeld-Wen, Plastpro, and many others.

Does the thickness of the door matter?

Yes! We offer glass kits for 1 3/4" and 1 3/8" doors.

Exterior door glass kits are for standard steel, wood, and fiberglass exterior doors that measure 1.75" thick (plus or minus about 1/8").

We also offer interior door glass kits that fit doors 1 3/8" thick. This is the standard for interior doors as well as some other utility and mobile home doors. 

When to go frames only (no glass) vs. glass and frame kit?

We typically recommend replacing the glass at the same time as it makes for a quicker and easier project (no need to clean sticky caulking off the old glass) and limits the chance of putting new frames on an insulated glass unit that is about to fail and become fogged or cloudy.

However, replacement frames can be a great option if you want to keep your existing decorative glass or if your existing glass is relatively new (less than 3-5 years olds).

Can I purchase just the outside frame for my door glass?

The interior and exterior frame need to align exactly so that they can screw together and so they must be purchased as a set.

There have been hundreds of profiles and dozens of manufacturers over the years and so unfortunatly the screw holes and other alignment guides just don't line up unless you purchase a matched pair.

Can I paint or stain the frames?

Yes! Frames can be painted or stained to match the look of your door. We offer a maintenance-free white color as well as a tan color that we recommend if you plan to stain your frames. Frames will come with finishing instructions on exactly how to paint or stain your frames.

How to measure door glass frames

Measure the outside corner to outside corner of the plastic frame, width and height. Make sure to measure the outside of the perimeter along the face of the door. Older frames can measure up to 1/4" smaller in width and height but will still fit the same size glass and door cut out. Note that the glass size is ~2" less than the outside of the frames.

Will these frames crack, warp or discolor from heat or sunlight?

All of our frames are made from durable, heat-resistant plastic that holds up much better against the sun and elements than traditional frames. We also offer some frames in a special high heat plastic blend that we recommend for use in high heat situations (e.g., if you plan to use behind a storm door on a door that gets direct sunlight). Many of our frames come already caulked, with beads that will tightly seal to the outside pane of your door glass and the outer face of your door.