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Call +1 (513) 871-8907 to speak with a door expert
Call +1 (513) 871-8907 to speak with a door expert

Door Glass Frames Installation

Remove your old door glass and frames from your door

1. Remove screw caps to expose screws (should be on the inside of the home, if installed properly). If the caps are painted over and difficult to remove, try a small flathead screwdriver and mallet/hammer to cut or knock them free.

2. Use a utility knife to score around the interior and exterior door glass frames to cut through any existing paint

3. With a friend outside holding the glass firmly into the door, remove screws. If screws strip out, try a stripped screw tool or you can use a drill to drill out the screws

4. Remove interior frame

5. Remove exterior frame and glass unit

Prepare your glass and door

1. Clean the opening in the door

2. Remove caulking from your glass (and clean from the face of the door). We recommend Goo Gone if you have sticky or stubborn caulking

3. Clean your glass with Windex and let dry for at least 20 minutes

4. If your new outside (exterior) plastic frame (the side without the holes for screw caps) is pre-caulked, skip this step. Otherwise, add a bead of silicone caulk (available in our accessories section) to where the exterior door glass frame seals with the exterior pane of glass. Then add a bead of caulk to where the exterior door glass frame seals with the exterior face of the door.

5. Within 10 minutes of applying caulk to the exterior door glass frame, press the frame down onto the glass (glass should be laid flat on risers like a block of wood with a towel to allow the frames to fully seat onto the glass). Push glass and exterior frame together and wipe any excess caulking that squeezes out

6. Let caulking sit (preferably for a few hours or overnight) to harden. This will make installation into the door easier as the glass and frame will slide less, however this step is not required

Install into door

1. Install the new glass unit & exterior frame assembly into the cut-out opening. Install this assembly from the outside of the home.

8. While a friend holds the exterior frame and glass unit into the door from outside of the home, attach the interior frame (the one with screw-holes)

9. Fasten screws tightly (no harder than a good twist by hand, set power drills to lowest torque setting, do not exceed 15 in-lbs of torque)

10. Cover screws with provided screw caps (if no caps are available, you can also use white putty and smooth over with your thumb, then add wood grooves with a fingernail)

See below for visual instructions:

Door Glass Installation Picture