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Call +1 (513) 871-8907 to speak with a door expert | We Are Open & Shipping!
Call +1 (513) 871-8907 to speak with a door expert | We Are Open & Shipping!

36" Pease Steel Entry Door Slab (6 Panel Style)

Original Price $499.00
Current Price $359.00

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The Pease Steel Door. Replace just your door slab and keep your existing jambs and brickmold.

Key measurements:

  • Slab Height: 79.125 (+/- .125)
  • Slab Width: 35.75 (+/- .0625) (known as a 36", 3/0, or 3 foot wide door)
  • Slab Thickness: 1.75 (+/- .0625)
  • Lock prep: If lock prep is selected, comes with standard Pease tubular lock prep for 2 3/8" backset lock. This means the door will have two 2.125" holes 5.5" apart, with the top hole center 40.375" from the top edge of the door. (see door schematic picture) 
  • Wood edge door comes marked for standard Pease hinge placement and hole pattern (6.5" from top edge to to top of first hinge, 37.5" from top edge to top of middle hinge, 68.5" from top edge to top of bottom hinge) 

Additional specifications:

  • Primed white finish, see our paint category to purchase paint
  • Fire door with 20 minute rating
  • 24 Gauge high quality steel
  • Composite bottom edge to resist moisture/rotting
  • Sold without door sweep, takes a drive-on sweep with 7/8" between darts
  • Wood edge door system for ease of installation and clean look
  • Reinforced 11.75" pine lock block for added security
  • High quality polyurethane insulation for maximum thermal efficiency

Note: This is a replacement for Pease entry (front, kitchen, side, garage/man door, etc.) but will not work for Pease patio doors which are shorter in height.