Raise & Lower Blinds Hurricane Impact Glass and Frame Kit (Extra Wide Tall Full Sidelite)


Measure plastic frame width and height (outer edge). More on how to measure.

Frame size
Glass function: Hurricane Impact
Glass type: Standard Clear Glass

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Door Glass and Frame Kit

Clear glass with internal blinds. Unique design allows blinds to raise, lower or tilt, in any direction. Homeowners appreciate the ease of cleaning and superior energy efficiency, while enjoying the varying choices of full view, complete privacy and everything in-between.

New hurricane door glass can transform your entryway and better protect your home.

Kit includes door glass, inside and outside door glass frame set (flat profile frames), screws, and caulking.


Style: Extra Wide Tall Full Sidelite (rectangular)

  • Frame outside dimensions: 16" x 82" (replaces frames 15 1/2" to 16" wide and 81 1/2" to 82" tall)
  • Door cutout dimensions: 15" x 81"
  • Glass dimensions: 1.2" thick, 14" wide, 80" tall
Easy Installation

Our kit makes installation easy and quick. The exterior (outer) frame comes already sealed to the glass unit and kit includes a tube of sealant for securing the exterior frame to your door (same type of sealant used to seal aircraft windows into planes). All you need to install the glass kit into your door is a screwdriver to secure the interior frame to the exterior frame.


1. Remove the insert from its box and inspect for any shipping damage

2. Remove rubber spacers from glass

3. Place exterior frame (with glass sealed to it) on a flat, solid surface that is clean and free of any abrasives that could scratch the frame

4. Neatly apply 3/8” bead of sealant (included in box) in the groove around the perimeter of the exterior frame

5. We recommend removing the door from its hinges and carefully aligning the door cut-out over the frame & lowering the door onto the silicone bead. However, for sidelites or if you wish to keep door on its hinges (not advisable for large glass kits), have a helper insert and hold the exterior frame and glass in rough opening

6. Place interior frame into door cut-out, align male/female pieces, and carefully apply pressure by hand to snap frame halves together

7. Install zinc coated screws into predrilled holes loosely. Then tighten with no more pressure than 18-20 inch/lbs. Over tightening can damage window.

8. Snap screw cover trim caps on interior frame, starting with the short pieces. Then install longer pieces by bowing in the middle in order to snap together

Hurricane Impact Glass

Engineered to meet Florida and other coastal area requirements for structural, water and air infiltration tests. Protects your property and without the need for hurricane shutters.

- Designed for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), for example some parts of Florida including Miami/Dade, Broward Counties or Coastal Palm Beach County

- Design Pressure (DP) rating of +/- 60, meaning it can withstand high positive and negative pressure winds even after repeated impacts

- Extra thick 1.2" impact glass unit rated for ASTM C11172

- Glass unit composed of laminated glass on the outside of the home, which uses annealed glass panes and PVB (polyvinyl butyral interlayer), and tempered safety glass on the inside of the home

- Door glass and frame system meets high velocity hurricane zone codes #FL30712 and #FL15419 (

High Performance Frame (Paint/Stain)

Kit includes hurricane impact vinyl frames that are easy to paint or stain and resist cracking, warping and discoloring.

- Made of solid cellular PVC (improved strength vs. hollow frames

- Modern flat profile smooth frames with trim cap to cover screw heads

- Frames are missile impact tested and approved

- Chemically welded corner joints for extreme strength

- Frames come white and are maintenance free, meaning that you can leave unfinished and they will retain their colorIf finishing is desired, we recommend latex paint, paint labeled “For Plastics” or gel stains followed by two topcoats of clear polyurethane

- Paint thinners or similar chemicals will void warranty and damage sealants


Avoid contact with abrasive cleaners and solutions containing corrosive solvents or acid solutions. Glass can be cleaned using a soft cloth, and glass cleaner.