Portland Glass and Frame Kit (Full Sidelite 9" x 66" Frame Size)

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Door Glass and Frame Kit

New door glass can transform your entryway without the need to replace your entire door system.

Kit includes door glass, inside and outside door glass frame set, screws, and screw caps.

Easy Installation

Our kit makes installation easy and quick. The outside frame comes pre-caulked to the glass. All you need to install the glass kit into your door is a screwdriver to secure the inside frame to the outer frame.

Insulated Safety Glass

Insulated glass has been tempered for safety and thermally sealed to be air and water tight.

High Performance Frame

Kit includes standard white high performance plastic frames that resist cracking, warping, and discoloring due to heat and sunlight. Standard white frames are ready to install and do not need to be painted, but can be painted and do not need a primer. Please contact us to place a special order if you:

  • Would like to order flat profile frames (also known as shaker or craftsman style frames)
  • Intend to stain your door glass frames
  • Require high heat tolerant frames (for example if you are installing behind a heat-trapping storm door)


Style: Full Sidelite (rectangular)

Frame outside dimensions: 9" x 66" (replaces frames 8 1/2" to 9" wide and 65 1/2" to 66" tall)

Door cutout dimensions: 8" x 65"

Glass dimensions: 1" thick, 7" wide, 64" tall