Grills Between Glass 3 Lite Glass and Frame Kit (3/4 Sidelite 10" x 50" Frame Size)


Measure plastic frame width and height (outer edge). More on how to measure.

Frame size
Glass type: Standard Clear Glass
Grill color: White

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Grills Between Glass (Internal Dividers or Bars)

Internal flat 5/8" bars give a more modern divided light look, while keeping the glass easy to clean. Internal bars available in white or black.

Door Glass and Frame Kit

New door glass can transform your entryway without the need to replace your entire door system.

Kit includes door glass, inside and outside door glass frame set, screws, and screw caps.


Style: 3/4 Sidelite (rectangular)

  • Frame outside dimensions: 10" x 50" (replaces frames 9 1/2" to 10" wide and 49 1/2" to 50" tall) PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR FRAMES ARE NO MORE THAN 50 1/8" TALL (best to measure frame on inside of home if exterior frame is cracked/warped).
  • Door cutout dimensions: 9" x 49"
  • Glass dimensions: 8" wide, 48" tall
Easy Installation

Our kit makes installation easy and quick. The outside frame comes pre-caulked to the glass. All you need to install the glass kit into your door is a screwdriver to secure the inside frame to the outer frame. Cover the screw heads with the included plastic caps, paint or stain if desired, and your project is finished! More on installation

Insulated Safety Glass

Double pane insulated glass has been tempered for safety and thermally sealed to be air and water tight.

High Performance Frame (Paint/Stain)

Kit includes standard white high performance plastic frames that resist cracking, warping, and discoloring due to heat and sunlight. Standard white frames are ready to install and do not need to be painted, but can be painted or stained after lightly sanding and priming. More on finishing door glass frames


Avoid contact with abrasive cleaners and solutions containing corrosive solvents or acid solutions. Glass can be cleaned using a soft cloth, and glass cleaner.