36" Prehung Rustic Mahogany Entry Door System (Speakeasy Iron Knocker)

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Rustic Brazilian Mahogany (distressed wood)

Color: Mahogany
Finish: Walnut
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Beautiful, Rustic Brazilian Mahogany entry door in our iconic Speakeasy Iron Knocker style. Note that this rustic door is made of distressed wood and includes a functional speakeasy door and iron knocker for a touch of intrigue and old-world feel.

Made of solid mahogany, this door is immensely satisfying to open/close and brings an added level of security and elegance to any home.

Authentic stile and rail construction. Traditional dowel construction creates tight solid joints. Jambs are also built of the same top-grade mahogany.

This prehung door system ships prefinished and assembled (ready to install into a rough opening).

Key measurements:

  • Unit size: 37.75" wide by 82.75" tall
  • Rough opening width: 38.0" to 38.5"
  • Rough opening height: 83.0" to 83.5"
  • Slab Height: 80.0"
  • Slab Width: 36.0"
  • Slab Thickness: 1.75" (1 3/4") - standard exterior door thickness
    Premium Door, Direct Pricing

    The entire wood sourcing, kiln-drying, manufacturing and finishing process is completed in South America, which allows us to keep the cost low and hand craft the doors.

    Door is built with authentic stile and rail construction. Traditional dowel construction creates tight, solid joints.

    We offer these doors direct, which saves you the traditional markups applied by distributors and lumberyards/door companies.

    More About Mahogany

    Mahogany is the best ultra-premium wood for exterior doors:

    - Extremely dense and sturdy, for maximum sound insulation and ability to handle normal wear & tear with ease and last for decades

    - Easily stained (takes stains very well) to bring out beautiful natural grain of the wood

    - Extremely stable wood holds it size and shape (prevents warping which can cause doors to get "stuck")

    Additional Specifications

    - Mill finish threshold & satin nickel finish hinges

    - Lock prep: Comes with standard tubular lock prep for 2 3/8" backset lock. This means the door will have two 2.125" holes 5.5" apart. Lockset not included (browse out selectionhere, we recommend this one)

    - Kiln dried shrink resistant panels to ensure maximum stability (limits wood expansion/contraction/warping)

    - Stile & rail construction with true jointed panels for a premium look and feel

    - Includes brickmould (exterior trim)

    - Jambs are built of the same top-grade mahogany used for the door

    Installation & Maintenance

    1. Place in rough opening

    2. Shim until the door is straight in the opening and operates smoothly

    3. Secure into rough opening with screws (sold separately, we recommend these)

    4. Install lockset (sold separately, we recommend this one)

    5. We recommend refinishing the door every 1-4 years, depending on exposure to sun and the elements

    Add a Lockset
    Adams Entry Lockset by Emtek
    Oil-Rubbed Bronze Satin Nickel Polished Brass