Outswing Threshold


Finish: Aluminum Mill
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High quality threshold available in aluminum mill or bronze finish. Perfect for replacing or upgrading an existing threshold that has rotted, cracked, or deteriorated. Straightforward installation does not require removing jambs or door. 


  • Available in nominal 30", 32", 34", 36" and 72.5" widths:
    • 30", 32", 34" and 36" thresholds are for single doors and are notched .25" on either side so for example the 36" wide threshold is 36.5" in width (widest part, notched to 36.0" under door) and fits a standard steel or fiberglass door that is 35.75" wide (actual slab width)
    • 72.5" threshold fits standard steel or fiberglass double doors where each door measures 35.75" wide. Sill portion measures 73" and is notched .25" on either side. Base and rail portion are 72.5" in width. Threshold can be trimmed down as needed to fit narrower entryways.
  • 5.75" in depth (typically known as a standard 6" threshold)
  • 1 1/18 tall, rail adjustable 1/16" upward and 1/16" downward
  • Hardwood rail (ash or oak), composite base to resist rot, high grade aluminum sill
  • For residential entry doors with 4 9/16" standard width jambs (typically used with 2x4 framing)
  • Fits outswing doors (door swings out of the home)