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Extra Long 97" High Reach Compression Weatherstrip


Energy Efficiency Product

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High reach weatherstrip is a serious upgrade for doors that need the tightest seal possible. A great option if your existing weatherstrip shows daylight or if you can feel a draft, for example on older doors that have settled slightly out of alignment or in cold climates where rubber tends to shrink and the wind blows cold air at the door with force. This weatherstrip is also cut extra long at 97", which makes it a great replacement for 7' (84") and 8' (96") tall doors because you can use a single continuous strip instead of splicing shorter pieces together.
  • 3-piece compression set (2 x 97" strips for each side and one ~43" strip for top or head jamb)
  • Fits door jambs with standard 1/8" kerf or slot
  • We recommend this weatherstripping for wood or fiberglass doors (for metal doors we recommend magnetic weatherstrip)
  • Seals gaps up to 5/8" from door to jamb (nearly double the reach of standard weatherstrip)
  • Thermoplastic rubber (TPE) maintains flexibility in extreme cold and resists tearing

Made for doors up to 8' tall. Comes with two 97" long strips for the lock and hinge side vertical strips and a ~43" long strip for the head jamb. These can all be trimmed with scissors to fit your door. If you order two sets (e.g., for a double door) it will come with five 97" long strips. If you have a shorter door you can simply cut to size.

A great replacement/upgrade for many door brands & types including:

  • Pease (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Stanley (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Taylor (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Mastercraft (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Perma Door (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Castlegate (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Masonite (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Therma Tru (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Jeld-Wen (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Other brands (unmarked fiberglass/wood doors)

Please make sure that you have a WOOD JAMBS. Steel jambs often have a wider kerf so check to ensure you have a 1/8" kerf. Also, if you have a double door, simply order 2 sets of weatherstrip and we'll send a long (uncut) head jamb piece.

Please contact us for volume pricing on orders of 8 or more sets.