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Door Glass Frames

Door glass frames, especially on older doors, often become cracked, warped, or discolored after years in the sun. New frames can dramatically improve the look of your door and secure your glass into place.

Our premium door glass frames are made of carefully formulated blends of high quality plastics for enhanced durability and resistance to heat and discoloration. Replacement frames come pre-caulked with a special dry caulking that will never leak or run down the face of your door. We offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit almost any door glass that's out there. These frames are for doors that measure 1 3/4" or 1.75" thick.

1. Frame width & height

Measure the outside corner to outside corner of the plastic frame

2. Glass thickness

Should measure either 1/2" or 1" thick.

3. Door Thickness

Should measure 1.75" thick


What are Door Glass Frames?

Door Glass Frames (also known as doorlite rims) are the interior and exterior plastic moldings that hold glass into a door or sidelite.  Some customers experience warped, cracked or deteriorated door glass frames. Replacing old frames is a great way to to extend the life of your door in an economical way. Our replacement frame kit provides the outside and inside frame, screws, and screw caps. Kits come standard with the new high-temperature frames that better resist warping, discoloring, and cracking.

More on measuring glass thickness

Measure the exact overall thickness of your insulated glass insert (the full "sandwich" of both pieces of glass and the gap of insulating air in between).  You will need to unscrew enough of the interior frame to squeeze a tape measure in between the frames to determine the glass "sandwich" thickness. Usually a measurement can be taken after unscrewing around a corner of the inside frame -- not the entire frame. The glass "sandwich" will measure either 1/2", 3/4" or a full 1".  If your glass is 3/4", you will have to replace the glass and the frame assembly, since frames for 3/4" glass thickness are discontinued.

More on measuring frame width and height

Measure the outside corner to outside corner of the plastic frame, width and height. Make sure to measure the outside of the perimeter along the face of the door. Older frames can measure up to 1/4" smaller in width and height but will still fit the same size glass and door cut out.

What if I have a door glass frame with grids?

Grids are also known as mullions, muntins, dividers, or grilles. The large size frame set with 15 lite grid is available below. Some frames for styles with grids are only available with the glass (9 lite, 3 lite, 5 lite sidelite, and fanlite with grids), as this makes installation much easier and ensures the frames match the glass thickness.

Can I paint or stain the frames?

Yes! Frames can be painted or stained to match the look of your door. We offer a maintenance-free white color as well as a tan color that we recommend if you plan to stain your frames. Frames will come with finishing instructions on exactly how to paint or stain your frames.

Will these frames crack, warp, or discolor from heat or sunlight?

All of our frames are made from durable, heat-resistant plastic that holds up much better against the sun and elements than traditional frames. We also offer some frames in a special high heat plastic blend that we recommend for use in high heat situations (e.g., if you plan to use behind a storm door on a door that gets direct sunlight). Many of our frames come already caulked, with beads that will tightly seal to the outside pane of your door glass and the outer face of your door. 

Do you have frames for 3/4" thick glass?

If your glass is 3/4", you will have to replace the glass and the frame assembly, since frames for 3/4" glass thickness are discontinued.

I have a Pease, Stanley, Thermatru, etc. door -- will it fit?

Kits replace the original frames on many door brands including Pease, Stanley, Taylor, Mastercraft, Perma Door, Castlegate, Masonite, Therma Tru, Jeld-Wen, Plastpro, and many others.

I can't find frames that match the shape or size that I have - what should I do?

Please contact us-- you may have a narrow or abnormal size (best to take a picture of your door and email or text it to us along with the outside measurements of your frame). We can often track down abnormal sizes or find a suitable replacement option for you.