Magnetic Weatherstrip
Magnetic Weatherstrip
Magnetic Weatherstrip
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Magnetic Weatherstrip

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Item #: W19000

Our premium weatherstrip creates a tight seal against the elements and pests.

Fits steel, wood, and fiberglass doors with wood jambs and standard 1/8" kerf. Is an exact OEM replacement for the weatherstrip that was originally installed in Pease steel and fiberglass doors, and serves as a great replacement/upgrade for many door brands & types including:

  • Pease (steel/wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Stanley (steel/wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Taylor (steel/wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Mastercraft (steel/wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Perma Door (steel/wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Castlegate (steel/wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Masonite (steel/wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Therma Tru (steel/wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Jeld-Wen (steel/wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Other brands (unmarked steel/fiberglass/wood doors)

Set includes brown magnetic weatherstrip for the head jamb and lock jamb, and brown compression weatherstrip for the hinge jamb - everything you need to completely replace your old weatherstrip.

Please contact us for volume pricing on orders of 8 or more sets. 

Please make sure that you have a WOOD JAMBS and either a metal or fiberglass door. Also, if you have a double door, simply order 2 sets of Weatherstripping.

Note: In the first picture, Magnetic Weatherstrip (for the lock side and head jambs) is on the left. Compression Weatherstrip (for the hinge jamb) is on the right.