Weatherproofing Kit

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Kit comes with everything you need to fully weatherproof a 36" wide by 80" tall door.

  • High reach compression weatherstripping kit (2x 81" strips to seal the sides and 1x 45" strip for the top of the door)
  • Universal door sweep (seals the bottom of the door)
  • 4 corner seals (for each corner)

High reach weatherstrip

A serious upgrade for doors that need the tightest seal possible. A great option if your existing weatherstrip shows daylight or if you can feel a draft, for example on older doors that have settled slightly out of alignment or in cold climates where rubber tends to shrink and the wind blows cold air at the door with force.

  • 3-piece compression set (2 x 81" strips for each side and one ~40" strip for top or head jamb)
  • Fits door jambs with standard 1/8" kerf or slot
  • We recommend this weatherstripping for wood or fiberglass doors (for metal doors we recommend magnetic weatherstrip)
  • Seals gaps up to 5/8" from door to jamb (nearly double the reach of standard weatherstrip)
  • Thermoplastic rubber (TPE) maintains flexibility in extreme cold and resists tearing

Made for doors roughly 6' 8" tall. Comes with two 81" long strips for the lock and hinge side vertical strips and a ~40" long strip for the head jamb. These can all be trimmed with scissors to fit your door. If you order two sets (e.g., for a double door) it will come with five 81" long strips. If you have a shorter door you can simply cut to size and if you have an 8' tall door or taller, you can splice together 2 sets.

A great replacement/upgrade for many door brands & types including:

  • Pease (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Stanley (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Taylor (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Mastercraft (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Perma Door (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Castlegate (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Masonite (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Therma Tru (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Jeld-Wen (wood/fiberglass doors)
  • Other brands (unmarked fiberglass/wood doors)

Please make sure that you have a WOOD JAMBS. Steel jambs often have a wider kerf so check to ensure you have a 1/8" kerf. Also, if you have a double door, simply order 2 sets of weatherstrip and we'll send a long (uncut) head jamb piece.

Premium Wrap-Around Style Doorsweep

Fits all doors 1.75" thick. Can be trimmed to fit doors up to 36" in width.

This is a great doorsweep if you do not know what brand door you have or do not know how your current door sweep attaches to your door. It is also a great choice to replace drive-on or staple on sweeps where you do not want to remove the door from its hinges.

  • Universal fit for 1.75" thick steel, wood, and fiberglass doors
  • Ultra high quality rigid PVC retains shape and resists ripping and tearing
  • Flexible up to -25 degrees F
  • Moisture drip fin (directs water away from the door)
  • Fins and hybrid bulbs (bulbs with small fins at bottom) for effective seal
  • Slotted adjustment holes allow for sweep to be adjusted to fit different door-to-threshold gaps from 1/4" to 3/4"

Note: Requires screws for installation. We recommend flat head 1/2" long screws. For wood or fiberglass doors, use pan head wood screws, course thread. For steel doors, use sheet metal pan head screws.

Installation: See part 3 of weatherproofing video

1. Open the door and remove the old sweep. If the old sweep is screwed or otherwise tightly fastened to the bottom of your door, you may need to remove the door from hinges.

2. Slide the new sweep on, using a block of wood or a hammer as needed to tap the sweep into place.

3. Trim excess with scissors, shears, or a small hand-saw.

4. Adjust the sweep up/down as needed to tightly seal (overlap about 1/8") against the top of your sill.

5. Install screws on inside of home, drilling pilot holes as needed (especially if you have a steel door). We recommend flat head 1/2" long screws. For wood or fiberglass doors, use pan head wood screws, course thread. For steel doors, use sheet metal pan head screws.

4X Corner Seals

Also known as corner pads, weatherseal pads, or corner dust pads, are a great way to tighten up the bottom and top edges of your door and provide an extra line of defense against drafts and pests. Corner seals nestle behind and push weatherstripping towards the door, creating an improved seal at areas where sometimes the weatherstripping just doesn't quite reach.

Typically these corner seals are most effective on the bottom lock jamb and hinge jamb corners. They can also help close gaps on the top corners of your door as well. If you can see daylight through the corners of your door, these are a great quick & easy fix.

  • Available in 3 colors to match your door jamb or weatherstrip color
  • 1.7" wide by 2.5" tall
  • Tapers from .22" to .08" thick
  • Flexible and durable polyethylene jacket covers soft urethane foam
  • Easy to install with adhesive backing. Just peel off the back and stick onto the door jamb in the corner. We recommend to nestle behind the weatherstripping

Installation instructions:

  1. Remove backing paper to expose adhesive
  2. Tuck corner seal behind weatherstrip
  3. Make sure corner seal pad contacts the top surface of the threshold/sill cap