Thermal Aluminum Astragal (White)


Length must match door slab within ~1/16" (not including sweep)

Hardware finish: Polished Brass
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White aluminum astragal. This is a floating or moveable astragal with bolts that slide into the head jamb and threshold, so the doorway can be fully opened up (without the astragal post blocking the center of the doorway) when desired.

  • Easy installation, with adjustable strike plate base that allows adjustments with a unique ratcheting teeth system designed to keep the strike plate in place long-term
  • Heightened security with a locking thumb bolt operated by a simple ¼ turn
  • Surpasses PG40 air and water ratings
  • Vinyl wrap eliminates rotting, splitting or warping over time
  • Includes bronze weatherstrip and a bronze corner seal
  • Available with Polished Brass (pictured), Oil Rubbed Bronze, or Satin Nickel hardware

Dimensions & Specifications:

  • Select 77", 79", or 80" length for 6/8 doors and 95" or 96" for 8/0 doors (should match length of door slab, not including sweep, within ~1/16")
  • Astragal is .75" wide between doors (can fit gap between doors from .75" to 1.125") and 1.75" wide at widest point on door exterior (overlapping onto door face .5" onto face of each door)
  • Inswing astragal (for doors that swing into the home)
  • SELECT HANDING: From the inside of the house, if the astragal is attached to the door on the RIGHT, then you need a RIGHT HAND astragal. If the astragal is attached to the door on the LEFT, then you need a LEFT HAND astragal (see illustrations below)



1. Align astragal on the edge of the less active door

2. Drill through mounting holes in astragal into fixed door using 1/8" drill bit

3. Secure the astragal to the door edge using the (6) #10X3.4" pan head screws

4. Install short piece of vinyl snap-in cover between nylon strike plate base & bottom bolt, cut to fit with pin holder in retracted position

5. Install strike plate with (2) #8X1/2" screws to nylon base

6a. If dead bolt is not used, locate nylon dead bolt base with cover right above strike plate. Install long piece of vinyl snap-in cover between dead bolt base & top bolt.

6b. If dead bolt is used, locate nylon dead bolt base for desired centerline location. Cut the long piece of vinyl snap-in cover to fit between dead bolt base & top bolt. Cut off will be used between strike plate base & dead bolt base.

7. Install dead bolt plate to nylon base with (2) #8X1" screws