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PVC Venting Door Louver Kit


Made to order - typically ships in 3-5 days


Louver Door Insert Kit for Airflow and Privacy

Our louver inserts bring ventilation without sacrificing privacy. Using a custom designed extruded PVC louver blade, louver allows for maximum ventilation while using a classic style. Designed with a simple 2-piece inner and outer frame set, louvers install similarly to door glass insert.

  • Durable PVC frame with modern flat profile frame (easy to paint)
  • Built-in fiberglass insect screen (1-3/4" exterior size louvers only)
  • Kit includes screws and screw hole plugs
  • Improve airflow and allow for easier sound transmission while maintaining privacy (slats overlap to provide privacy)

PVC Louver Screen Detail


Available in a range of louver sizes. Actual hole cut in door needs to measure exactly
1” larger than louver size (width and height), and then the overall louver size (measuring outside corner to outside corner of the PVC frame) is 1" larger than the cutout size. For example, a 12" x 12" louver installs into a 13" x 13" cut out and has outer finished dimensions of 14" x 14". If you have measurement questions please take a picture and text or email us!

Sizes are listed as width then height (e.g., 8" X 20" louver is 8" wide and 20" tall).

Please be sure to specify louvers for the correct door thickness (1-3/8” or 1-3/4”) when ordering. 1-3/4" (+/- 1/8" is OK) is the typical thickness for exterior doors. 1-3/8" (+/- 1/8" is OK) is the typical thickness for interior doors. 

PVC Louver Dimensions


PVC louver inserts have a 5-year warranty. PVC manufactures void all warranty if not painted with PVC grade paint that has a light reflective value of 55 or higher.

Custom Sizes

Available in custom sizes. Please contact us if you are interested in a custom size.


To install, screw the inside frame to the outside frame, sandwiching the louvers into the rough opening.