Interior Jamb Set for Single Door (Stain Grade Poplar)


Stain Grade Solid Poplar

Handing Diagram

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Set of lock jamb, hinge jamb, and head jamb (2 sides and top) for a single interior door. 

Stain grade poplar can be stained or painted to match your desired look. Solid poplar in double rabbeted construction means the stop is built into the jamb (rather than applied separately), providing unparalleled durability, stability, and ease of installation.

Select size to fit doors from 12" to 24" wide, 80" tall, and 1 3/8" thick (standard interior door thickness):

  • Note that head jamb should be 3/16" (.1875") wider than actual door slab. This is to ensure smooth operation, allowing our recommended 1/16" space on the hinge side and 1/8" (2/16") space on the strike or lock side
  • Since interior doors often measure the full nominal width, for example a 3/0 or 36" door will measure a full 36.0", we send our head jambs with sufficient length to work for these full-width doors
  • If your door measures between sizes, just buy the next size up and sand or cut head jamb to fit

Key Specifications:

  • Designed for interior doors 1 3/8" thick
  • Length: 81 3/4"
    • Perfect for 80.0" interior doors while still leaving clearance for carpet, can also be easily trimmed shorter off bottom as needed
  • Depth: 4 9/16"
    • Standard depth jambs for use with typical (2x4) construction
  • Thickness: 1 1/8" including stop, 11/16" thick not including stop

Handing & Prep:

  • Select Right or Left Handing:
    • Hinge or lock prep jambs: Stand in the room that the door swings into - if the door handle is on the right hand side or the door you need a right hand lock or hinge jamb. 
  • Prep specifications:
    • Standard hinge prep is for three 3.5" x 3.5" interior hinges with 5/8" round radius corners (about the same curvature as a quarter). See pictures for drawing of hinge placements
    • Standard lock prep is for a single latch with strike plate mortise starting 43.75" from top of jamb (lines up with a top of door to center of bore hole measurement of 44")

Additional Specifications:

  • Notched out for head jamb (included in set)
  • Solid poplar construction
  • Stain grade wood - perfect for painting or staining
High Grade Solid Poplar

Stain grade poplar with rich grain, durability, and longevity. Resists rot, twisting, warping, cracking while lasting for years of continued operation. Combine this with a wood that is easy to work with a chisel or trim with a saw and you have the ideal wood for framing the doors in your home.

Painting / Staining

This wood takes paint (oil-based or latex) extremely well.

While paint looks good on poplar, you can make it look like more expensive, fine-grained woods by staining. We recommend gel stains for ease of application and beautiful results.

Easy Installation

Quickly assembly a new premium door frame by nailing leg jambs together with our poplar interior door head jambs. We recommend 1.5" brad nails.

Poplar is a great wood to work with and can be easily shaped or trimmed to retrofit in an existing frame or used in new construction to quickly correct any slight alignment issues.

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