Georgetown Passage Lockset


Finish: Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Handle: Smooth Lever
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Item #: K540-PA


The Georgetown Passage Set is typically used in conjunction with a Georgetown Entry Lockset on double doors or French doors. The Passage Set goes on the less active door (the door without a deadbolt/key). Handle is functional and turns a latch.

This passage set is also a great standalone option for interior passage doors where handles on both sides of the door turn a latch but no locking function is needed, such as den doors or hallway doors. Please contact us if you wish to use this lockset for an interior application.

Lock is solid brass forged and hand-finished.

Measurements & Specifications

  • Door type: Lockset for a passage door with door thickness of 1 3/4" (if you have a thicker/thinner door, please contact us to order)
  • Door prep: Standard prep/bore. Single/Double hole 2 1/8" in diameter for tubular style latch.
  • Handing: Not applicable - this lock can be operated by turning the handles either way and so can fit left or right handed doors
  • Backset: Available in 2", 2 3/8" and 2 3/4" backset lengths. Backset length is the distance from the center of your lockset (key hole) to the edge of your door
  • Faceplate dimensions: 2 3/4" wide and 11" tall (if you have glass and frames alongside your existing faceplates please check to ensure you have sufficient width to accommodate the width of this lockset)
  • Handle Dimensions: Standard lever and knob handles protrude ~3" off of the face of the door. The Low-Profile lever protrudes ~1.75" from the face of the door and is ideal if you have a screen door or storm door that has limited clearance

Finish Details

Polished Brass: Solid brass finish is polished and gloss lacquer coated to prevent tarnishing over time. Common finish codes for polished brass are 605 and US3.

Oil Rubbed Bronze: Designed to simulate aged bronze. Matte lacquer applied to hold finish. This finish is very dark and varies from a deep chocolate brown to a dark gray and usually has reddish undertones. Common finish codes for oil rubbed bronze are US10B and 613.

Satin Nickel: Nickel plating on brass that has been satin finished with an abrasive and matte lacquer coated. Common finish codes for satin nickel are US15 and 619.