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Full Lite Frame Kit with 15 Grids

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Measure glass thickness & outside corner to outside corner of the plastic frame. More on how to measure.

Frame does not include glass. Purchase with glass.

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Color: White Maintenance Free
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Replacement Door Glass Frames

Frame kit with inner and outer frames, screws and screw caps. High performance plastic replacement frames resist cracking, warping, and discoloring due to heat and sunlight.


Style: Full Lite (rectangular)

Standard Size:

  • Frame outside dimensions: 24" x 66" (replaces frames 23 1/2" to 24" wide and 65 1/2" to 66" tall)
  • Fits glass: 22" wide, 64" tall, only available to fit 1/2" thick glass

Narrow Size:

  • This size is typically found on narrow (30" and narrower) doors
  • Frame outside dimensions: 22" x 66" (replaces frames 21 1/2" to 22" wide and 65 1/2" to 66" tall)
  • Fits glass: 20" wide, 64" tall, select 1/2" (common) or 1" (rare) thick glass

NOTE: DOUBLE CHECK GLASS THICKNESS. For how to measure click here.

Does not include glass (see our door glass section if you would like to purchase with glass).

Easy Installation

Our kit makes installation easy and quick. Just use a screwdriver to secure the inside frame to the outer frame, sandwiching the glass into place. More on installation.

Note: May require caulking. We recommend clear 100% silicone, available in our accessories section

High Performance Frame (Paint/Stain)

Made of a high grade polypropylene, these frames are a big upgrade from the traditional polystyene frames and can handle all but the most extreme of heat conditions.

Frames are also maintenance free, so they do not require finishing. If you do choose to paint or stain these frames, you will need a special adhesion promoting primer, which can be found in our paint section, alongside a curated selection of great paint colors that are specially formulated for doors & door glass frames. Detailed painting instructions included in box.

Buy instead as a complete glass and frame kit: