Finishing Nails (pack of 20)


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Pack of 20 finishing nails for exterior or interior use. Small brad head is designed to lie beneath the surface for concealment and professional finish. Steel construction. Diamond point for easier driving. These nails also work well for general purpose millwork.

Size options:

  • 16d - 3.5" length (ideal for securing exterior brickmould to siding)
  • 8d - 2.5" length (ideal for securing exterior brickmould trim to jambs and for interior trim or casing)

Additional specifications:

  • 16d nails: Galvanized steel for outdoor use and with ACQ treated lumber. Meet ASTM-A153 & ASTM F1667 requirements. 0.162" head diameter.
  • 8d nails: 304 stainless steel which provides high-level corrosion resistance. ACQ Rated. 0.148" head diameter.