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Exterior Framing Kit for Single Door (Primed Poplar Jambs)


Solid Poplar Primed for Paint

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Framing kit for hanging a single exterior steel or fiberglass door. Includes jambs (hinge, lock, and head), weatherproofing (3 pieces of bronze compression weatherstrip and 4 bronze corner seals), hinges (with screws), threshold, and screws to assemble jambs with threshold. Note that this kit ships "knocked down" for assembly at job site.

Jambs have solid poplar construction which provides unparalleled durability, stability, and ease of installation. 

High-Dam threshold works together with premium thermoplastic weatherstripping and jambs with rubber boot, creating a system that seals tightly against the elements.

Key Specifications:

  • Designed for exterior doors 1 3/4" thick
  • Select from range of sizes to fit single exterior doors ~24" to 42" in width
  • Depth: Select 4 9/16" or 6 9/16" Jamb Depth
    • 4 9/16" are standard depth jambs for use with typical (2x4) construction
    • 6 9/16" are extended depth jambs for use with (2x6) construction
  • Finish: Select Aluminum Mill Threshold (Satin Nickel Hinges) or Bronze Threshold (Oil Rubbed Bronze Hinges)

Handing & Prep:

  • Select Left Hand or Right Hand and In-Swing or Out-Swing:
    • Hinge or lock prep jambs: Stand where the door swings into - if the door handle is on the right hand side or the door you need a right hand kit
    • See pictures in gallery for diagrams
  • Hinge prep specifications:
    • Standard hinge prep is for three 4.0" x 4.0" exterior hinges with 5/8" round radius corners (about the same curvature as a quarter). Mortise can be adjusted with a chisel to accommodate 1/4" round radius corner hinges or square corner hinges.
    • Hinges placements are routed to PEASE STANDARD SPEC and match with door that has 6.5" from top of door to top of first hinge, 37.5" to top of second hinge, 68.5" to top of bottom hinge
  • Lock (also known as strike) prep specifications:
    • Standard lock prep is for a double bore entry lock, matching a door that has 40.375" from top of door to center of first hole and 45.875" top of door to center of the second hole

Additional Specifications:

  • Jambs have solid poplar construction and are primed and ready for paint
  • Threshold have a height-adjustable hardwood rail and cold oil-treated hardwood base that will not expand or contract during changes in temperature. Sill is high grade aluminum and available in mill and bronze finish
  • Hinges stainless steel plated for strength and to resist corrosion. These are plain bearing, butt style hinges with removable pin