Door Security Latch Lock Reinforcement

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Rugged Protection, Easy to Unlock

The lock body is made of aluminum alloy. The high-strength alloy material brings strong defense performance and provides more security and privacy.

The convenient unlock design ensures that you can quickly unlock it in any situation.

  • Expert Design for Safety: Created with sturdy all-aluminum alloy, this door reinforcement lock can withstand up to 800 lbs of force
  • It is the ideal choice for providing an additional layer of security and peace of mind to your home
  • Easy Installation: Installed with 8 screws (4 long and 4 short). Within just 5 minutes and with only an electric drill and a screwdriver, you can easily install this safety door lock
  • Please refer to the product image to confirm compatibility with your door if the frame is thicker than usual
  • Unlock Quickly and Securely: Simply reach out and press the upper and lower grooves of the reinforced door lock, then pull horizontally to fully unlock within seconds
Item dimensions L x W x H 3 x 1.4 x 3 inches
Material Aluminum

Premium rubber protects your door

Premium rubber prevented the metal parts of the door reinforcement lock from scratching your door.

Multiple protections for your safety without leading to additional losses.

Thinner unlocking structure and solid material

We specially designed a thinner locking mechanism, you can open the reinforced lock faster.

At the same time, we adjusted the ratio of metal materials to make the locks stronger, knowing that sometimes the dangers we faced were very powerful. We need better equipment to protect ourselves and our families.

Specially designed to help unlock

To prevent you from being unable to open the door in an emergency, we have specially designed two grooves that you can pinch to open the lock.

They will also give you a better experience during daily use.

Match more screws

We have prepared three sets of screws for you to attach the door reinforcement lock to the door.

They were four 1" screws, four 2" screws, and four expansion screws.

The expansion screw was prepared for better and more stable fixing of the product on the metal door frame.

Always remember to pre-drill a hole in the door frame where you want to install it with a power drill before screwing in the reinforcement lock.