Corner Seal

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Corner seals, also known as corner pads, weatherseal pads, or corner dust pads, are a great way to tighten up the bottom and top edges of your door and provide an extra line of defense against drafts and pests. Corner seals nestle behind and push weatherstripping towards the door, creating an improved seal at areas where sometimes the weatherstripping just doesn't quite reach.

Typically these corner seals are most effective on the bottom lock jamb and hinge jamb corners. They can also help close gaps on the top corners of your door as well. If you can see daylight through the corners of your door, these are a great quick & easy fix.

  • Available in 3 colors to match your door jamb or weatherstrip color
  • 1.7" wide by 2.5" tall
  • Tapers from .22" to .08" thick
  • Flexible and durable polyethylene jacket covers soft urethane foam
  • Easy to install with adhesive backing. Just peel off the back and stick onto the door jamb in the corner. We recommend to nestle behind the weatherstripping

Installation instructions:

  1. Remove backing paper to expose adhesive
  2. Tuck corner seal behind weatherstrip
  3. Make sure corner seal pad contacts the top surface of the threshold/sill cap