8" Concealed Screw Slide Bolt


Finish: Polished Brass
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Slide Bolts (also known as surface bolts) add extra security and a finished look to your door. Typically slide bolts are installed as a pair, with one at the top and bottom of the door. We especially recommend slide bolts for double door (French door) configurations with a single deadbolt.

Made of solid brass. Includes screws and 3 strike plate options.

Secure slide bolt to door with two screws (slide bolt slides over the screw holes). Select best strike plate for your application and screw in place with two screws.

Finish Details

Polished Brass: Solid brass finish is polished and gloss lacquer coated to prevent tarnishing over time. Common finish codes for polished brass are 605 and US3.

Oil Rubbed Bronze: Designed to simulate aged bronze. Matte lacquer applied to hold finish. This finish is very dark and varies from a deep chocolate brown to a dark gray and usually has reddish undertones. Common finish codes for oil rubbed bronze are US10B and 613.

Satin Nickel: Nickel plating on brass that has been satin finished with an abrasive and matte lacquer coated. Common finish codes for satin nickel are US15 and 619.

Antique Brass: Solid brass surface chemically darkened and highlighted with an abrasive to simulate aged brass. Antique Brass finish is typically a medium brown with golden undertones. A matte lacquer holds the finish. Common finish codes for antique brass are US5 and 609.