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36" Universal Staple-On Door Sweep - Bronze

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Energy Efficiency Product

Color: Bronze
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Replacement Door Sweep

For 36" wide doors that are 1 3/4" thick (+/- 1/8"). Sweep measures 36" in length and can easily be trimmed with scissors to fit narrower doors.

Made of durable thermoplastic, which stands up to extreme temperatures and resists tearing better than other materials. Raised lip fits onto inner face of door and helps to properly align sweep. Drip guard fin comes off the exterior face of the door and directs water away from the door.

This is a great option if you need need a universal fitting sweep and want a more minimalist look vs. the wrap-around sweep.

Premium replacement door sweep fits any 1.75" thick door.

Please contact us for quantities of 8 or more door sweeps.

To install, first take the door off its hinges and lay flat. Then remove the old sweep from the bottom of your door and clean the bottom of the door. Next apply 2 beads of silicone caulking to the top of the new sweep. Press the new sweep on the door bottom, the alignment lip should rest flush against the interior door face. Wipe free any excess caulking. Secure new sweep in place with ~3-5 staples or tacks. Rehang door on its hinges and you are finished!