36" Mahogany Entry Door Slab (6 Panel)

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Beautiful, hand-crafted Brazilian Mahogany entry door with traditional 6 Panel style. We recommend this door for front entryways where a strong impression matters.

Made of solid mahogany, this door is immensely satisfying to open/close and brings an added level of security and elegance to any home.

Authentic stile and rail construction. Traditional dowel construction creates tight solid joints. Doors and components are built solid, with doors and components made of the same stain-grade wood.

This slab does not include jambs and ships ready for your preferred paint or stain. 

Premium quality at a third of the traditional cost:

  • We keep the entire wood sourcing, kiln-drying and manufacturing process in South America, which allows us to keep the cost low and hand craft the doors
  • We offer these doors direct, which saves you the traditional markups applied by distributors and lumberyards/door companies

Mahogany is the best ultra-premium wood for doors:

  • Extremely dense and sturdy, for maximum sound insulation and ability to handle normal wear & tear with ease and last for decades
  • Easily stained (takes stains very well) to bring out beautiful natural grain of the wood
  • Extremely stable wood holds it size and shape (prevents warping which can cause doors to get "stuck")

Key measurements:

  • Option 1: 79" height by 35.75" width (typically what you want if you are upgrading an existing steel or fiberglass door)
  • Option 2: 80" height by 36" width (typically what you want for new construction or if you are upgrading an existing wood door)
  • Slab Thickness: 1.75" (1 3/4") - standard exterior door thickness

Additional specifications:

  • Raised moulding on exterior side (see moulding detail picture)
  • Sand, stain, and topcoat to finish (finishing instructions below)
  • Flat edge (not "prepped" or mortised for hinges) - trace your existing hinges onto your new slab
  • Kiln dried shrink resistant panels to ensure maximum stability (limits wood expansion/contraction/warping)
  • Stile & rail construction with true jointed panels for a premium look and feel

Finishing & Installation:

1. Before finishing, remove existing door and trace hinges and lock bore placement onto new door (by laying existing door on top of new door and tracing with a pencil)

2. Bore out lock holes and mortise hinges on new door. Screw hinges onto new door slab.

3. Sand door with 150-180 grit sandpaper (remember to sand back and forth in the direction of the grain)

4. Clean the door (get all of the dust debris off of the surface of the door)

5. Finish the door: (we strongly recommend staining to showcase the beautiful natural grain of this premium mahogany)

  • To stain: Apply a high-quality wood stain and finish with a clear polyurethane topcoat (solvent-borne or waterborne polyurethane)
  • To paint: 1. Seal door with oil-based primer. 2. Apply 2 coats of our trim urethane paint or an interior oil-based or acrylic latex paint

6. Hang the door in the existing jambs, wedging shims or underneath the bottom edge of the door while you screw the hinges into the jambs, working from top to bottom

7. Install door lock/hardware

8. Test door swing and alignment (door should not swing open or closed on its own, should latch and open smoothly, should have even spacing all around the door -- you should be able to slide a quarter all the way around the sides and top of the door)

9. Shim door hinges/adjust as needed