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Pease Slide-On Steel Door Sweep

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Energy Efficiency Product

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Replacement Door Sweep

Brown slide-on sweep for 32", 36", and 42" wide doors. Can easily be trimmed to fit narrower (e.g., 30", 28", etc.) doors.

Premium replacement door sweep for Pease Steel or Wood Doors (Ever-Straight, Homestead, Trooper, Registry) made between 1978 and 2000.

Key measurements: 5/8" between tracks, 1/8" track height (note that the fiberglass door slide on sweep has a taller 3/16" track height - see picture below)

Left: Sweep for STEEL doors with 1/8" track height. Right: Sweep for FIBERGLASS doors with 3/16" track height.

Please contact us for quantities of 8 or more door sweeps.