2 Panel Sliding White Patio Door (Low-E Clear Glass)

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20-Year Limited Warranty

Glass type: Low-E Glass
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The Pease patio door brings durability, smooth operation, and contemporary style to your patio entrance.

Designed with ease of installation in mind, this door ships KD (knocked down or disassembled) and boasts a multitude of premium features.

From its carefully engineered sloped sill to its flush glazed exterior sash, this door is a significant upgrade from builder grade patio doors and combines the durability of cellular PVC with the strength of wood inserts in the jambs.

Measurements & Handing:

  • Width (including frames, rough opening should be 1/4" to 1" larger): select 59.5" (5'), 71.5" (6'), or 95.5" (8')
  • Height (including frames, rough opening should be 1/4" to 1" larger): 79.5" (6' 8"), or 95.5" (8')
  • Please select handing based on looking at the doors from outside of the home: fixed left panel (sliding right) or fixed right panel (sliding left)
      Premium Door, Direct Pricing
      • Premium Cellular PVC (UPVC) construction, wood inserts in the jambs, a rigid backbone in each sash, and an aluminum capped sash track rail all work together to create a strong door system with smooth operation
      • Aluminum 9-degree sloped sill keeps water running away from the home
      • Flush glazed exterior sash for a clean, premium look
      • Double-point locking mechanism for added security (please contact us to special order if you would like your doors to be keyed so they can be unlocked from the exterior)
      • 1" Thick Low-E 366 and Argon filled glass units provide top-grade energy efficiency and a high level of sound insulation
      Ratings & Safety
      • DP60 air and water infiltration protection rating with double-insulated door (interior and exterior weatherstripping) that seals tightly against the wind & rain (water resistance 440 PA & air infiltration resistance grade A3)
      • Florida Product Approval #FL29466
      • TDI Texas Insurance Code approved
      • Double glazed Low-E (366 surface #2) tempered safety glass
      • System is highly energy efficient, with a thermal transmission U-Value of .28
      • Sound Transmission Class (STC): 27
      Additional Specifications
      • Versatile 5 3/4" frame depth works with both 2x4 and 2x6 construction
      • Includes filler strip to cover exposed screw heads (clean installation appearance)
      • Tandem bearings with front wheel adjustment
      • Maintenance free white finish holds its color (can be painted if desired)
      Easy Installation

      Tools required for installation:

      - Level
      - Measuring tape
      - Rubber mallet
      - Robertson screwdriver with head sizes nos. 1 and 2
      - Philips screwdriver with head sizes nos. 1 and 2
      - Flat head screwdriver
      - Utility knife
      - Square

      Assembly Overview (detailed instructions included in jamb box)

      1. Assemble frame head casing, sill and vertical jambs (pre-drilled, screws included)
      2. Install non-operating (fixed) panel(s)
      3. Install opening panel(s)
      4. Install interior and exterior handles on opening panel(s)

      No caulking required for assembly. Installation videos available upon request.

      20-Year Limited Warranty

      All warranties below are subject to *situations not covered by warranties and **warranty terms and conditions.

      Starting on the date of delivery, a twenty (20) year warranty applies to white PVC and white aluminum extrusions against peeling, buckling, blistering, cracking and major, uneven discoloration.

      Starting on the date of delivery, a twenty (10) year warranty applies to sealed units against film formation or dust deposits between the two panes of glass, caused by seal failure.

      Starting on the date of delivery, a five (5) year warranty applies to manufacturing defects in rollers and mortise handle on operating panel.

      Starting on the date of delivery, a one (1) year warranty applies to:
      - All manufacturing defects of the product.
      - Transportation costs for replacement door or components.

      - Installation that does not comply to the recommended instructions sheet or which does not respect best practices;
      Example of non-compliance: frame not square, twisting, non-vertical or upside-down position.
      - Any damage caused by abuse, negligence, accident, vandalism, natural disaster or poor maintenance.
      - Inadequate maintenance: The owner is responsible for the normal maintenance of the product.
      - Water infiltration not caused by a product defect.
      - A defect or damage caused by poor control of heat or ventilation. Condensation caused by excessive humidity in the building.
      - A defect caused by inadequate adjustment of the sliding panel(s)
      - Discoloration of surfaces caused by: exposure to sources of excessive heat, exposure to chemical or corrosive materials, and/or use of an inappropriate cleaners or solvents
      - Flexible paint surfaces such as co-ex or rubberized strips
      - All doors or components repaired or modified by a 3rd party


      - For all claims, original proof of purchase is required

      - For claims outside of year one (1) following the delivery date, claimant is responsible for shipping costs of replacement products