DIY Moss Wall Art Frame Kit

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Bring a touch of nature indoors with our DIY Moss Wall Kit. Perfect for adding a lush, green element to any room, this kit is designed for ease of assembly, offering a fun and engaging DIY experience. Whether you're decking out your own space or crafting a unique gift, our kit includes everything you need to create a piece of living art without maintenance.

Your DIY hanging garden kit comes with the following items:

  1. 8" x 10" rustic, lightweight wood frame
  2. Preserved moss in various colors
  3. A variety of dried flowers and leaves
  4. All materials are packaged in resealable bags
  5. The materials are provided and you create your OWN hanging wall art
  6. Detailed instructions

    This kit is not only a delightful way to introduce greenery into your environment but also serves as a thoughtful, personalized gift. Direct shipping to your chosen recipient with a customized note is available, making it a hassle-free present for any occasion.

    Credit: BoWinston