32" Smooth Fiberglass Entry Door & Framing Kit (6 Panel)

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The Pease Fiberglass Door. This door kit includes everything you need (except a power drill and a few other tools) to install a new door or replace an existing one. Ships "knocked-down" (KD) for assembly on site. Premium fiberglass door system is built to seal tightly against the elements.

Glass sold separately: Full Lite glass (23" x 65" cut out), Half Lite Glass (23" x 37" cut out)

Lockset sold separately: Browse Locks

Kit includes:

  • Smooth fiberglass door slab
  • Jamb set (hinge jamb, lock jamb, and head jamb) - select left hand/right hand and 4 9/16" if you have 2x4 construction or 6 9/16" if you have 2x6 construction. See pictures for help determining door handing. Pictures of prehung door show the door from the outside of home viewpoint.
  • Hinges with screws - set of 3 (select finish)
  • Threshold (select oil-rubbed bronze hardware for a bronze sill and satin nickel or polished brass hardware for aluminum mill finish sill)
  • Brickmould (exterior trim)
  • Weatherstripping (high reach bronze compression weatherstripping)
  • Corner seals x4 (bronze)
  • Door sweep (bronze)
  • Screws for assembling frame and anchoring unit into rough opening
  • Finishing nails for attaching brickmould
  • Silicone caulking
  • Wooden shim set


  • Rough opening width: 34.25" to 34.5"
  • Rough opening height: 82.0" to 82.5"
  • Slab Height: 79.125
  • Slab Width: 31.75 (known as a 32", 2/8, or 2 foot 8 inch wide door)
  • Slab Thickness: 1.75
  • Lock prep: Comes with standard tubular lock prep for 2 3/8" backset lock. This means the door will have two 2.125" holes 5.5" apart. Lock not included.

Additional specifications:

  • Primed white finish, see our paint category to purchase paint
  • Highest quality smooth fiberglass for easy finishing & durability
  • Composite bottom edge to resist moisture/rotting
  • Wood edge door system for ease of installation and clean look
  • Reinforced 11.75" pine lock block for added security
  • High quality polyurethane insulation for maximum thermal efficiency

Finishing & Installation:

If replacing an existing door, remove interior trim (casing) by scoring with a utility knife and carefully prying off the interior wall. Save if you plan on re-using. Unscrew hinges and remove existing door slab. Remove old jambs and threshold, checking for screws from behind the hinges and weatherstripping. Clean the opening.

TOOLS NEEDED: Power drill with Phillips head bit and 1/16" wood drill bit. Scissors. Utility knife. We also recommend towels/rags for supporting door while hanging.

1. Assemble framing (jamb and threshold). Screw head jamb, lock jamb, hinge jamb, and threshold together using included screws. Use 2 screws at each connection point (jamb to jamb, jamb to threshold), drilling pilot holes with a 1/16" drill bit.

2. Install jamb assembly into rough opening. First apply caulking to the sub floor where the threshold will go. We recommended 4 large beads of caulk about an inch apart. Next center the assembly into the rough opening and ensure the lock/hinge side are on the correct side and that the sill slopes towards the exterior of the home. Ensure the four corners are flush with the interior wall and then install shims at each of the four corners (about 4 inches from the top/bottom of the door jamb legs) until the frame is square and plumb (check at each corner using a level). Once the frame is square and plumb, drill pilot holes through the jambs, passing through the shims, and into the rough opening studs behind the shims at each of the 4 corners. Use the included screws to anchor the jamb assembly into place.

3. Hang door into jamb assembly. First attach hinges to the door using the included screws. Next, using towels/rags (sometimes a block of wood helps too) to support the weight of the door against the floor, have a friend or two hold the slab in place while you secure the hinges to the jamb, starting with the top hole of the top hinge and working your way down.

4. Adjust door as needed. Check to make sure the door is square in the opening and swings open/closed easily. Remove anchor screws and adjust shimming as needed. Once the door shims are correct, add shims above and below deadbolt bore and anchor to through jambs into studs, just like you did at each of the four corners.

5. Seal the door. Install weatherstripping, corner seals, and door sweep.

6. Install trim. Install exterior trim (brickmould) using 2 beads of caulking and included finishing nails, nailing on the inside and outside edge of the brickmould about every foot. Re-attach or install interior trim (casing) as needed.

7. Paint the door. Clean the door (get all of the dust debris off of the surface of the door). Click here for our guide on how to paint your door. We recommend our paint or any exterior grade acrylic latex paint.

8. Install the lock. Follow lock manufacturer instruction.