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Doorlite rims are the plastic moldings that hold glass into the door.  Many customers call wanting to replace a warped, cracked or deteriorated doorlite rim.  This kit provides everything you need to quickly and easily extend the life of your door by replacing the rims in an economical way.  You'll need a screwdriver, a putty knife to help the old rim off the exterior of your door, and some high quality silicone caulk.  Also, our rim replacement kits come standard with the new high-temperature rims that resist against warping, discoloring, and cracking-- so they will last much longer than the older rims.

In order to replace your rims (they are sold as sets with both an interior and an exterior rim that screw together), you will need to know the approximate outside dimensions of your rims (width and height should be within 1/2" of our measurements-- rims have some tolerance for slightly different dimensions), as well as the exact overall thickness of your insulated glass.  You will need to unscrew part or all of the interior doorlite rim (make sure it doesn't fall out!) to get a ruler or tape measure on the edge of the glass.  It will measure either 1/2", 3/4" or a full 1".  If your glass is 3/4", you will have to replace the glass and the rim assembly as we do not have rims for that size. However, the vast majority of glass is either 1/2" or 1" and we do have replacement rims for those sizes.


Below are the most popular sizes of doorlite rims.  If your measurements do not come within 1/2" of the given dimensions, please call us about your order-- you may have a narrow or abnormal size.



If you have a non-rectangular doorlite or have a size that is not shown below, we are sorry, but we do not have that rim.*

*The only exception is if your measurements are just 2" narrower. If that is the case, you just have the narrow size and it will take longer to get. Please call 1-513-871-8907 to order.

  After you receive your rims, you will need to separate your old exterior rim from your glass, and clean the glass.  Then you'll need to caulk the new exterior rim (the one without the screw holes) to the glass.  After that cures, you will need to lay a bead of caulk in the outside groove of the lite rim to seal the rim to the door.  From there, the installation is the same as for a doorlite replacement kit.


For some sizes (most of the 1/2" glass sizes) the rims are only available with the glass.

We strongly recommend that you purchase caulking with your order to ensure that you use the right kind of caulking. One tube is plenty for several rim sets.

High Quality Silicone Caulk- $9

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