Jamb Leg Set (4 9/16" depth, for 79" tall door)


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Jamb leg set. Fits door slabs that are 79" to 79.25" tall (typically known as a 6' 8" tall door).

Blank sets can be routed out and used as a hinge and lock jamb pair for either left or right hand inswing doors.

Pease prep jambs are mortised for hinges and standard double-bore locksets. Must be specified as either left or right hand.


  • 81 3/4" long (for doors that are 1.75" thick and 79.0" to 79.25" tall -- actual slab height, not including door sweep)
  • 4 9/16" deep (known as standard depth or standard width jambs)
  • 1.25" thick (thicker portion), 0.75" thick (thinner portion)
  • Fits doors that are 1 3/4" thick

Additional Specifications:

  • Solid poplar construction
  • Primed and ready for paint
  • Rubber foot pads to block moisture absorption
  • Coated at bottom with clear sealant to resist rot near threshold
  • Angled cut on bottom (5-degree dado spec) to accommodate standard slope inswing thresholds (32" threshold, 36" threshold)
  • Takes standard 1/8" kerf weatherstripping (sold separately)
  • Head Jamb sold separately (32" head jamb, 36" head jamb)