Satin Nickel Floor Register
Satin Nickel Floor Register
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Satin Nickel Floor Register

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Item #: ARG410SN


Small Details Make Big Impressions!

Complete your entry with the subtle touch of a handsome floor register. Solid and rich in appearance, this register will bring a smile every time you walk by it. 

Premium Solid Cast Brass Floor Register in hand-rubbed, lacquered Satin Nickel finish. Louvers are fully adjustable.  

The Satin Nickel finish is nickel plating on solid brass, polished to a beautiful matte glow, and then lacquered for resilence.

Comes for a standard 4" x 10" air duct opening. Please contact us to order other sizes to fit air duct openings of 3"x 10", 4"x 12", or 4"x 14" .