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This is a Full Normandy Lockset, the most popular lockset for the Homestead and Everstraight door systems. If your lockset doesn't resemble the Normandy lockset, please see the GLENDALE LOCKSET page. If you lock doesn't look like those either, please check the FAIRFIELD LOCKSET page. If your lock does not look like any of the locks shown on this website then we DO NOT have parts for it.


Full Normandy lockset (pictured above) including: Faceplates, Handles, Deadbolt, Latch, Key, Tumbler, and the screws along with the other small hardware.

Normandy locksets are discontinued and can be replaced with one of the three options below (Academy, Quaker, Trafalgar)

(limited quantities of the Normandy deadbolt and latch are still in stock -- please call to order)

Replacement/upgrade options for Normandy locksets. Please note that these locksets are available in a variety of finishes. Please click to see finish options and pricing.

Option 1: Academy

Option 2: Quaker

Option 3: Trafalgar

This is how to measure your backset length. Measure the length of the dashed line. There are three different lengths, 2", 2 3/8", and 2 3/4". Please know your backset length before calling.


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